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About Me


Raymond Hamlin.   

FAA part 107 licensed commercial drone pilot


Experiences have taught me a lot of things, particularly what I am passionate about and enjoy doing. I have always had many interests, but didn't always know what I wanted to do with them. Years ago, I was not aware that shooting, particularly on any sort of artistic or professional level, was something I would later call a career. I studied photography along with theater in school and both brought me to New York. I started shooting professionally as an associate photographer at a studio here in NYC way back in 1999. After working under several great photographers I broke out on my own and began to build my studio from the ground up. I am honored to have met people from all walks of life in my profession. It has afforded me the opportunity study what I find most intriguing above all else - "character.”   I look at an individual and I am most fascinated by their uniqueness, by the life that is shown in their face.  This is what I find most compelling about this work, and what really makes me enjoy it.

One last thing… I think you can tell a lot about someone by what they do in their spare time, so here goes. When I’m not working you can find me: wrestling with my bulldog, listening to ‘80’s music, Watching a good horror movie, swing dancing with my wife, and running around the playground with my daughter!

"What truly defines a professional is their knowledge and use of light, composition, posing, and art as well as the unique understanding of their subject."   

Recent Testimonials

  • Raymond is a professional and talented photographer. He is serving Keshet Eilon annual gala concerts in New York for more than a decade and he always deliver the best. In addition, Raymond is a wonderful human being and it is a pleasure working with him.- Gilad Sheba Founder/General Manager Keshet Eilon Music Center

  • Raymond was the photographer for our wedding on 9/17 - and boy did we strike gold by choosing him! With a Jersey shore wedding, we had Raymond climbing on two (moving!) boats to capture various parts of the night, among many other complex shots for our big wedding size. Thanks so much Ray!-Megan T.

  • My husband and I are so thrilled we had Ray shoot our wedding. I was barely convinced we should have a photographer to begin with, and was entirely against the standard wedding pretty-princess style. I actually told him during the pre-wedding direction tone to "imagine you're a photojournalist shooting an insurgency." Not only did he immediately make our sleep-deprived selves comfortable, but     he helped come up with lots of shoot ideas to make us feel naturally our goofy selves for the whole day. It felt like a collaboration, and what was presented was so valuable. So many details we'd planned but missed on the day, he was there and knew what would make us happy. Got loads of great shots I would never have thought to ask for, either. On top of all that, he's a lovely, personable mensch, and he never once made me uncomfortable, even when I was hanging out in a robe, Spanx and bobby pins. I couldn't recommend his services more highly, or him as a great guy.-Eden M.

  • I have booked Raymond for several high-end corporate events in Manhattan, and he continues to draw rave reviews from all involved. Personable, easy to work with, and fantastic quality shots. Highly recommended!-Mark F.

  • Raymond is a true professional and talented photographer. We've used him in several ovations and he always deliver the best. There are thousands of photographers, what we like about Raymond is how personable and easy to work he is, along with the great shots of course!-Matias L.

  • Ray was awesome ! He shot our wedding and engagement photos. Extremely professional which is what you would expect, but what you get with Ray in comparison to other photographers is a keen sense of the moment and a unique and creative way of capturing it. Couple that with his ability to effectively be in and out of emotional life moments without seeming intrusive, he's the perfect person to shoot a wedding.  We still look back on our album from that day and recollect "Wow, he nailed it". I'd recommend him to anyone for any occasion.-Corbet T.

  • Our photographer was the best! I appreciated that he took the time himself to prep the shots and to also work with my family and I. We had a very big bridal party that was loud and talkative. Raymond and the team were super patient and accommodating. In the past bridal parties I’ve been in, I had experienced rude, impatient, and overwhelmed photographers...Not this team! It was refreshing to feel their composure and professionalism. They were cool, calm, and collected. -Gina M

Repeat Clients include:

Ducks Unlimited


Mont  Blanc

Wells Fargo

Morgan Stanley 




New York Life

Time Warner


Global Gateway Advisors


The Rainbow Room

Keshet Eilon

Goodman Media

Woodford Reserve


Magnus Financial 

EP Engineering




Jack Daniels


The FSH Society

Proenza Schouler

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