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Be prepared for the weather!

Hey folks, Raymond here!

Today I wanted to talk about something that would seem like a no-brainer but often does come up as an issue with a lot of my photo sessions. Planning for the weather. It's actually pretty easy to miscalculate and end up being under prepared for.

Whether you're shooting a family photosession, a wedding or a headshot outdoors, the weather will always be a factor even on the nicest of days. Not only does it affect what gear I use, but it will also affect almost every aspect of you, my subject, including the location.

For the sake of your valuable time, we'll skip over the obvious factor of seasons and focus on day-to-day weather issues. The first tip I will say is to keep in communication with your photographer as the shoot date approaches(hopefully they have gone over some contingency plans already). Having a backup shoot date for your session if things go south is a great idea. Check with them about cancellation/reschedule policies too. Most photogs have a cancellation fee so just be aware. Obviously this doesn't apply to weddings as they can't be rescheduled at short notice.

OK so what about that perfect wedding plan to shoot your couples shots at that amazing cliff vista just outside of the venue? This is when planning for the worst and hoping for the best comes into play. I just shot a wedding last week which had great warm weather leading up but the temperature dropped to 40 with a chance of showers for the day of. The couple really wanted those outdoor shots and the bride braved the cold temps like a champ!

Having a family member ready with a warm coat just off camera can make these sessions much more bearable.

What a lot of people don't realize is just how much the weather actually affects how you look. Frizzy hair, flushed skin, and watery eyes can really make those outdoor pics challenging. I always travel with umbrellas for those adventurous couples who would love that amazing rain shot but when it comes to the temperature, only you know what you'll be comfortable with. Go with your gut and if you're not big on being uncomfortable on your most important day, maybe consider some indoor locations. Your wedding photog will adapt to you.

Rain doesn't have to ruin the photosession! I come prepared with umbrellas!

If you are feeling brave, then come prepared. Here's some tips:

1. Pick a location nearby.

Finding a spot close to your venue or hotel will always give you a quick escape to get warm or head inside if the weather shifts into high gear.

2. Have options for wardrobe and be flexible.

If the wind is blowing a little too much you may want to leave certain parts of your wardrobe like the vale off until after. A matching shawl to throw over your shoulders or sneakers to wear to the location and change out of is also a good idea.

3. Have help.

We talked about how weather can reek havoc on hair and makeup so if your going to brave the elements, consider requesting that your stylist comes along to help prep before each shot. I always love when they do because it gives me a second set of eyes to help fix things before we start. Having at least one person from the bridal party or family is also a good idea. They can bring a coat for you to slip into for the downtime between shots. The bridal party is there to help you through your day so give them some jobs to do!

Your day is stressful enough as it is so find ways to take some of that stress out. Be prepared for things to not go exactly as planned. If you have a backup plan or prep to deal with those little issues, you'll get through your big day unscathed and you can focus on those things that are truly important.

Rock on!



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