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Engaging Wardrobe

Hey folks, Raymond here!

Spring brings mild weather and LOTS of proposals/engagements! When I talk to couples prior to their engagement session, there's always questions about what to wear. Here's a few guidelines to help you capture the announcement in style!

First and foremost, your wardrobe should represent you. Find clothing that is your style or range of style and stick with it. You'll be much more comfortable in front of the camera. Also, if you're considering any wardrobe changes, keep in mind there will need to be a place for you to change and it will take time away from shooting.

Black leather jackets really work with this urban look to the photos.

Now, keeping all that in mind, I will say that a more formal look will stand out more than a casual look, but if it's going to make you miserable then it's not worth it. Just be sure to make the decision together so you're not in jeans while your partner is dressed for the red carpet! A cohesive look is important.

This formal look screams "old hollywood" glamour!

This next bit of info sort of goes without saying but you'd be surprised to know just how many forget to dress for the weather. A winter session is not necessarily the best time to shot off a new dress. If we decide that we're going to shoot in the rain, it will most likely be cool and damp so be prepared to be out in it for 2 hours.

Engagement in the middle of August heat equals light and airy wardrobe.

Colors and patterns can make our break the photos as well. A general rule is, solid colors work best. Crazy patterns can busy up the photo and distract the viewer. Consider your location when picking colors too. If we're shooting in the park, natural warm colors are great, light colors for a beach session, and darker "edgy" colors for an urban session.

Wardrobe that is cohesive with your backdrop will make your photos really stand out!

Props and pets! Working with props and/or pets can really help with the fun factor of your photos and show just how important your little 4-legged friends are to you! The one rule I have for those is that you bring along someone to help you manage the pets or props. We travel around the shoot location and you don't want to have to carry everything yourselves. You'll also want someone to wrangle your dog while we work on something else.

Having a friend or family member to help with the pet will take a lot of stress out of the session.

Lastly, get to your location early! Like 20 minutes early. This will give you time to ease into the shoot, chat with the photographer a bit beforehand(I always get there 20 minutes early too!), and check to make sure all is ready to go! Less stress!

Now go out and propose to your significant other!

Rock on!


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